• MercyOne partners with Des Moines influencer for COVID-19 vaccine awareness

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    June 16, 2021
    MercyOne, in partnership with Starts Right Here, developed an impactful message to encourage all to consider receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The video, titled COVID-19 Vaccine: I Hear Your Opinions, showcases the importance of COVID-19 vaccine adoption and “to do nothing, may leave us with nothing.”
    “We continue to see a reduction in COVID-19 vaccinations across the country; we are also seeing the number of persons vaccinated each day less than the national goal of one million vaccines per day,” said Bob Ritz, MercyOne chief executive officer. “As a leading health care ministry in the region, it is our responsibility to encourage all to be vaccinated and promote ongoing well-being of the communities we serve.”
    Starts Right Here is a non-profit organization that inspires at-risk youth in the Des Moines Public Schools and motivates those students through speaking events. Will Keeps, Starts Right Here President, performs empowering songs to inspire and speak their truth.
    “I got involved in this project because I believe this vaccine will truly heal us,” he said. “This is the first step in the direction we need to heal this country of COVID-19.”

    Adam Amdor, Public Relations & Content Manager
    adam.amdor@mercyhealth.com, 319-272-7368